Canary Joins GoDaddy

It is with great pleasure that we announce that the Canary calendar team has joined GoDaddy! Before we move on, we'd like to address what this change means for our existing Canary users.

To current users of Canary, thanks for your support and amazing feedback! Thanks to our latest update, Canary will continue to work as a standalone app on your iPhone, and you should have no problems with it unless there is a major change to one of the underlying services. We will make sure that Canary remains available on the App Store until we're confident all of our existing users have had a chance to upgrade.

We're proud of how well received Canary has been, but we know that there is a lot of room left to improve mobile time management and scheduling. We are confident that sometime soon, the right team will find the right solution.

As for us, we've been given a great opportunity to join the Get Found Online team at GoDaddy, an exciting group of ambitious, like-minded individuals looking to help small businesses grow their online presence. The goal of helping small businesses kick ass is one that we can get behind, and we hope to bring our consumer technology experience to bear on it with the support of the world's largest domain name registrar and web hosting provider.

So with that, I'd like to again thank our loyal users, friends, mentors, colleagues, and families for their continued support in helping us through this journey, and apologize for any inconvenience we've caused.

Until we meet again,
- The Canary Team

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